majica 8V neck T-Shirts of the Basic brand (Slovenian brand) are ideal for both everyday wear as well as for promotional T-shirts.

NA wide range of colours (from very lively ones to calmer ones) is available and the composition is 95% cotton, the softness of which ensures a pleasant wear, and 5% spandex. The shirts are very durable due to double stitching, while the colour does not fade even after several washes, like it would with many other shirts in this price class (presuming that the shirt is washed at 30 °C, and that using the dryer is avoided).

They are available in sizes S to XXL.

If you are looking forward to a bachelor party, a sports event with your team, or you need a shirt for your leisure time, come to us. Good price, good quality, quick delivery!

  • Colour - EUR 2,70 + VAT
  • White - EUR 2,30 + VAT

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Why Basic Shirts?

Basic shirts are ideal for printing, thus suitable for various companies or activities, where printing the logo onto the shirts of one's employees would increase visibility, as well as a sense of belonging of the employees to the company. The shirts are also suitable for events, such as bachelor or bachelorette parties, fire-fighter festivities, sports events...

Guarantee and quality!

All Basic shirts are quality made. Should a factory defect appear or should you purchase a shirt with a factory defect, you may return it and have it replaced with another.

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